DATaR Consulting: data analysis training and research



DATaR Consulting is a boutique consultancy.  We provide expert data analysis, research design support and training, specialising in health and education.  DATaR Consulting work with government, corporate, education and private organisations and individuals. 

Working outside academia, but in research, can often present challenges to the individual particularly if they lack the time or means to access data analysis and research support.  DATaR Consulting can help you to make sense of data.  At DATaR Consulting we can assist in preparing and presenting technical information for a report, journal article, grant application, ethics application, or annual report. We can guide individuals not experienced with the nuances associated with scientific presentation of research methodology and analysis of results.   Furthermore we can help you prepare oral and poster presentations for conferences.  DATaR Consulting has expertise in curriculum development across secondary, tertiary and vocational sectors.  We service a range of clients including higher degree students, allied health professionals and medical clinicians. 

DATaR Consulting can help you at every step of your journey.  Above all we can make sense of your data and translate the outcomes so they are understandable by you and your target audience.